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E-file or Paper file? Isn't that the question most of us wonder? But have you ever thought why people are being encouraged to e-file rather than paper file? Well, for the fact, paper file leads to environment degeneration. In 2010, 46million people paper filed their tax returns which lead to 1, 53,000 felling of trees. Now, we wouldn't want that. Also paper filing means long awaiting queues, tiresome days, energy rundown and 10 + days to get accepted schedule 1.

Fleet / Truck Owner

  • Unlimited vehicle filing
  • User friendly navigation process
  • Easy, secure, fast and accurate filing
  • Access your completed form 2290 anytime
  • One time data entry with no calculation required
  • Get your schedule 1 for less than $10


Tax Practitioner

  • Unlimited business registration
  • Multiple employee identification number (EIN's) under one single account
  • Easy, secure, fast and accurate filing
  • Bulk upload
  • Discount pricing




  • Retrieve and print schedule 1 in minutes
  • E-file form 2290 amendment
  • Bulk upload
  • Accu-check of form 2290
  • Free schedule 1 by fax
  • Free re-file for rejected returns